Then the pendulum swings the other direction.

I’m always relieved when I pull myself back together and re-learn how to deal with my past problems. I’ve got the phone number of an English speaking therapist, as well, so everything that I’m not able to process by myself will be dealt with.

Today has been a good day. A new house-mate moved in and she’s really clean. Yay!! (Nice, too. Heh.) She told me that the landlords went to get a washing machine!!!!! I’m relieved, because it’s fuck-all expensive to wash clothes here.

Dog ate LOTS O’ poop, but that’s our normal here in Chile.

It’s even a rainy day, so when it clears, the smog will be gone. I could use some sunshine after the last few days, but I do prefer clean air over smoggy. There’s snow on the mountains now. Not the one that I keep trying to get to the top of (Damn You, Cerro la  Cruz!), but the surrounding ones. Enjoy my view:

001 002 003


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