Big ol’ chair in a lighthouse.

My favorite college roommate thought that’s what the song Big Ol’ Jet Airliner was saying.

It was in my head, folks. Now it’ll be in yours. You are WELCOME.

I have too much on my mind and too much time to think about it. Here’s the summary:

I got a job, then lost the job within 3 days. Teaching individuals is for the birds sometimes.

Today I’m a little icky because we’re going on about a week with little to no sunshine, though I did talk to The Backpacking Musician (friend from Santiago) today on Skype and we’ll talk more tomorrow. It helped, then I found out about the job.

I’m home until March. I think if I try to go back to Santiago before then, I would have the same amount of struggle as before, then I would need to come home again. I already feel terrible about the amount of money I have wasted, adding to that burden would be terrible.

I’m running out of steam as I write this, and becoming more and more apathetic about writing…



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