I think about you every day, dear sallyism.

I  just never actually spend any time with you.

Today I just wanted to pop in and say hello to myself. Looks pretty good, here. You’re holding up well in spite of the neglect.

Earlier, I got the third and last of a series of shots in my knee. I guess it’s kinda like a shot of synovial fluid that helps lube up the area and reduces pain. It seems to be working. Science. The downside today was that it HURT HURT HURT HURT HURT, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD IT HURT!

I intend to write about EMDR when I make myself actually sit down again, and think it out. It also seems to be working, and is much less painful than the knee shots.

Okay, sallyism, keep your chin up. I’ll be back soon.


About Sally

It's all about me. ALL OF IT. ABOUT ME.
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