On crossing the street and male aggression

If you stop at a crossroad and wave a pedestrian (or cyclist) through, and that person does not cross in front of you when you grandiosely wave your magic wand hand, then you roll down the window shout something unintelligible (gravity? sanity? Hannity? Plan B? Clam tea? Heavy D?) at me, you are not actually a gentleman. You are a douchebag, an entitled piece of shit, or any combination of the two.

My extensive experience with therapy leads me to believe that you

a.) need to feel control

b.) need people to think you are a “nice guy”

c.) feel that women should do what you want them to do

d.) have not been educated about male privilege and the male gaze

Here are some things that you never have to think about, but that are daily considerations in my world:

Is this guy a rapist? Is he likely to have a gun?

Where is the closest safe place?

How fast can I run in my boots?

Will the dogs protect me if he gets out of the car? (happily, they will)

Is he just a jerk yelling from a car, or is he likely to get out of the car and come after me?

Should I yell FIRE! or HELP! if something happens?

Food for thought: Why is it so important to you that I cross the road when you indicate that I should, and does it really affect you if I don’t? Also, if this makes you angry, what do you do when real problems arise in your life?




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