Running with dogs, version 5,061.0

I was finally able to run again today. Nothing spectacular, just a nice jaunt around one of the lakes with the pup. Running with Ripley is such a different beast than running with Guinness (who is actually now retired), but I’d like to share what I’ve learned from the two:

  • Puke, lick your chops, and keep going.
  • Fake like you see or smell something fascinating off the path as an excuse to stop running.
  • Sometimes the best part of the run happens when you pull off to the side and hit the grass.
  • When people, other dogs, and children approach in a way that makes you uncomfortable, a simple verbal warning should suffice. If not, turn it up a notch and let ‘er rip.
  • Sometimes you’re going to have to poop in less than desirable conditions.
  • Go in the water when you can.
  • The right kind of breathing/panting lessens stress and heat. So can a good, squeaky yawn.
  • When it’s too hot you shouldn’t run. Period.
  • Walking isn’t as fun, but it gets the job done.
  • Delight in being off leash.
  • Trail running? Yes.
  • Some things were meant to be sniffed, others rolled in.
  • Play a lot when running and play hard.
  • You don’t have to get in the car right away and drive home when you’re done. Sit in the grass and appreciate what you’ve just done. Breathe.
  • Occasionally turning your head and  making eye contact with your running partner makes you both feel better.
  • When you’re running trail, always turn and make sure the rest of the pack is still with you.

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