Why do people swerve left or right to turn in the opposite direction?

Why does my dog still bark at stuff outside of the house when she knows she’s going to be squirted with water, pulled off the furniture, or made to go in the other room and lie down? Is the payoff that great?

How the hell did I hurt my foot? (Been off my feet for the last 9 days)

Who would I be if I had had a fantastic support system when I was growing up?

Can I actually get down to 140 pounds? Am I not actually a hard enough worker and too dependent on food as comfort to make this happen?

Would my brain waves change if I practiced guitar every day like I keep telling myself I’m going to?

Who actually wants to know how you are doing when they ask and who doesn’t? When did the switch happen in English that this became a greeting and not a legitimate question?

Will Brexit open up jobs for non-EU resident ESL teachers? Please???

I wonder if The Kelly and Ryan Show would ever let me be a travel trivia dancer?

Why doesn’t my body ever adjust to being well-hydrated? Is it possible to stay hydrated and NOT spend my entire day peeing?

Why didn’t I switch to a women’s gym a year ago?

How can I work the word INDUBITABLY!!! into everyday conversations?

Why don’t more people claim and display their weirdness? How do they expect to find their tribe? Are they more lonely than those of us who do?


I guess that’s all for now. If you have any answers, please let me know.


About Sally

It's all about me. ALL OF IT. ABOUT ME.
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