Here’s my hardcore, very, very science-based workout plan.

I do some stuff. When I feel good, I do some harder stuff. When I feel tired or weak, I do less stuff. When I feel really tired, I skip doing stuff.

Sometimes when I go to the gym, like today, I think, “I’ll do less stuff today.” Then I feel okay and I do random stuff and end up having a great workout.

Sometimes I go to the gym I think I feel great, then I realize I don’t, really, then I do very minimal basic stuff. Then I go home.

Sometimes I walk The Ripper a long time. Sometimes I walk The Ripper for a super short time. Sometimes I ignore the Ripper, then I feel bad and at least do something with the Ripper. An ignored Ripper is an annoying asshole Ripper, and nobody needs to see that.

So, in a nutshell, do some stuff, don’t do other stuff, and do stuff with the Ripper. Any questions?


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