The Pull Ups

Today I finally had a great workout. I don’t know if having 4 shitty weeks in a row was worth the payoff, but the workout was amazing. I have 3 assistance bands that I use. The purple is the least support, green is middle, and blue is the most support. I start with the least support, so I’m doing the hardest work when I’m fresh, and I usually do 3 sets on each band. I do as many as I can. Today I gained one on the first set with the purple and green and gained 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, I can’t believe it, 3 pull ups on the first set with blue. That’s 13 pull ups. In a row. By me. This gal. Ripley is not impressed, but she also doesn’t speak English, nor does she have opposable thumbs.

Prior to The Pull Ups, I went to a nutrition seminar for those of us who seem to be stuck and feel like we’re doing things right, but still aren’t losing weight. I’m thinking I have to be missing some nutrient, or, since I’ll be going through menopause in a few years, my hormone levels are fucked up. I weigh in on Monday or Tuesday, so I can see if this week’s work pays off. If not, I have some good resources that aren’t too expensive, and I’ll see about getting some testing done.

Final thoughts: Epsom salts.



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