I teach, I travel, I run. Sometimes all at once.

This blog is about the continuing adventures of Toots and Sally. I’m movin’ and shakin’ and shuckin’ and jivin’. Hopefully, I’m doing it fluently in the language of wherever I happen to be at the time.


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  1. Jen O. says:

    Hi Stacy, Im at the library hopefully learning how to use the e-mail. How is the weather there? We finally got cold but it isn’t too bad. Upper thirties to low forties. Are you getting used to the food? Do you have a kitchenette where you can cok your own food? I hope yor classes are going well. You are probably glad to be teaching a French class aren’t you. The Randolph cousins were asking about you. David must have told them you were going to Russia. We will be getting 4 days off work in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving. I’m glad because I’m getting so sick of work. It isn’t really the work, it’s the people. I don’t really have much to say, but it’s nice to practice using a co,puter again. I will probably only check my e-mail once a week., on Friday afternoon. I love you – Mom p.s I need your e-mail address

    STACY — this blog doesn’t allow a non-Wordpress person to leave a comment, so I logged in so that your mother could leave her comment for you. She has a new Gmail account, but she didn’t have your email address. Thanks! – Jen O — Librarian at Lisle Library

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