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The cats that won’t shut up.

I guess I’ll write about this, because I can’t concentrate on anything else. I’m sitting here, listening to Haggis’ every other minute meow, letting us know that it’s EAT:30!!!! Don’t forget! I should EAT NOW! He’s not as bad as … Continue reading

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On crossing the street and male aggression

If you stop at a crossroad and wave a pedestrian (or cyclist) through, and that person does not cross in front of you when you grandiosely wave your magic wand hand, then you roll down the window shout something unintelligible … Continue reading

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New year, same ol’ me.

No resolution, just a goal of writing at least once a week. I haven’t done a good job of examining my motivations and deeper feelings lately, so I need to make a commitment to myself about myself for myself and … Continue reading

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