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A great way to slowly kill yourself:

PTSD Holy shitballs, Batman. I’ve been in fight or flight mode most of the day. I finally calmed down a little after talking to the Lumpster, and now I actually feel calm. The best way I can explain what that … Continue reading

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Obsession of the mind.

I have it. You see, being an alcoholic carries over into everything, even when you are sober. I am stressed out about money and a few other things, so I have immediately fallen into my old brain patterns and am … Continue reading

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I kicked a dog, and I liked it.

Actually, two dogs. Felt good both times. During all the walking we’re doing with the latest move, we’ve met a couple of less than wonderful dogs. Yesterday evening, someone’s German shepherd was loose in the streets, and geez, that fucker honed … Continue reading

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God, I hope this is the last move.

yep. Moving AGAIN. Dude next door never learned that I can’t sleep when he shouts into his phone at 1 a.m., so I’m a-movin’ on. No more he’s-taking-too-damn-long masturbation sounds. No more t.v. so loud that I can’t hear my … Continue reading

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