Great new place minus the neighbor.

I hope that all of this just turns out to be great stuff to blog about, but so far I have heard him:

  • burp
  • fart
  • masturbate
  • have sex
  • pee
  • talk business on the phone from 12:15 – 1:00 a.m.

A starter list, if you will. Lumpy and I decided that all of the sounds are coming through the traditionally hideous dropped ceiling, so I can’t buffer it with anything. He’s gotten better about having his t.v. turned up to bazillion after 10:00 (after I have banged on his door and wall 7 times in 9 days), so there is some sliver of hope. Maybe his lease is up soon. ?

The new place is a tiny studio with just the Ripper and I living in it. And the neighbor’s sounds. Love the location and everything-it’s in Ñuñoa and a few blocks from the metro, a 10 minute walk from a nice park, down the street from a grocery store, and a lot closer to the mountains. It’s apparently not as difficult to rent your own place as some other expats have made it sound. Next step, a one bedroom. Next year.

If any of you are coming to visit, remember to bring SUN BLOCK! Geez. I only forgot to put it on one day. Never again. I had to cut our dog walk short and head for the shade. Thank you, hole in the ozone layer, thank you very much. If you do come to visit, bring hiking stuff, too. It’s too amazing not to do!



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